21 / Non-binary / Techsexual / Forever Alone
NONE OF YOUR BIZNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – CX
Hai!!!!! X3 XDD i'm razor, my pronouns r (xi/xer/xem) and dont misgender me or ill cut. I'm an awkward cheeto XP XDDDDDD I'm 2 days clean/ two days strong!! I LOVE anime and manga XDDD im really random... did u know that rawr means i love you in dinosaur? X3 (see? random XD) i love hatsune miku and other vocaloids. im hear to make friends even though i dont like anyone... xp feel free to message me, i dont bite (maybe... XDD) nya!

-i like bvb (andy biersack is my DADDY)
-i'm funny!
-i am depressed and suicidal
-NYA!!!!!! (see im random XD)