19 / Female / Bisexual / In Love
Hell – US
Helloz!! I prefer to be called Ash. Here's a little bit about me.

-A weirdo who loves to draw and sing
-EXTREMELY Immature... Lawlz!!
-I have a skype, but you'll have to message me if you want it. (I won't give it to you if I don't know you)
-Very Friendly (as long as your not a swag fag asshole who bullies people)
-I have a LiveLuvCreate Account (if you want it, just message me) C=
-Music I Loves- Jeffery Star, Hollywood Undead, Black Veil Brides (In The BVB Army!), Panic! At The Disco, Blood On The Dance Floor (SGTC!), Three Days Grace, Motionless In White, Deuce Nine Lives, Suicide Silence, And More (to tired to list all of them)
-Friends with XxxAlexxandriaxxX
-I will never kill an animal (Except for mice and rats if they get if house. Then they die!!)
-Favorite Animal=Black Foxes
-Favorite Color=Dark Purple
-Favorite Food=Spagetti!
-You stalk me, I add you
-I love to talk, so don't be afraid to message me
-Socially awkward at first so don't bitch and say I'm weird, I will eventually feel comfortable talking to you

I shall add more to this if I remember something I forgot... (it happens a lot)
but I think that's it. TTFN!! C=

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Message me and tell me what numbers i am! only if you know me though 1.Voilent 2.I'd marry you 3.Sweet 4.Hot 5.Talkative 6.Tall 7.Cute 8.Funny 9.Fun 10.Perfect 11.I love you 12.Miss You 13.Crazy 14.Random 15.You're the best 16.I'd date you 17.Bestie 18.Beautiful 19.We need to hang out more 20.I would die for you.

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Welcome ^~^