16 / Male / Demisexual / In a Relationship
Riverside – US
Hi! c: I'm Kellin Quinn Cobain Hunt. Yes, that is my full name. ^·^ I am 15 years old. Below I'll list some random things about me. cx

× I don't know if it's sort of obvious, but I'm female to male transgender. And before you ask, I am pre-hormones and pre-op. :P
× I am also Panromantic and Demisexual. If you don't know what that means, either ask me or look it up. cx
× My style is mostly emo but can turn goth or grunge sometimes.
× My favorite bands are Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Three Days Grace, The Pretty Reckless, 5 Seconds of Summer ( please don't throw rocks at me >.< ), Nirvana, and Hole.
× My favorite solo artists are Halsey, Lorde, Taylor Swift ( once again, no rocks pwease ), and Bea Miller.
× I have a weakness for emo girls and guys. I also have a weakness for piercings.
× I have a weakness for other FtM Trans people. MtFs too. Just too much hotness.
× I have been in 5 prior relationships in the past half a year. No, I don't cheat on people. No, I am not a player. Each one ended and started for a reason.
× I have really bad depression, anxiety, social anxiety ( off the internet ), and OCD. I also have a bipolar personality and some anger issues. Okay. A lot of anger issues. But they aren't bad all the time. I also struggle with self-harm.
× Message me if you want to get to know me more. I'm not gonna put an entire novel here. xD

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I hope my boyfriend will be home soon so I can talk to him. cx