22 / Female / Pansexual / In a Relationship
new york city – US
Hey I'm Lexie or Lex for short .
Scene kid 5 life. lol mean for Life
Kik : LexieLovelyKitty
my Facebook is
Zombie-KittyKiller Lexie & Lexie Lockman so you should go add me or not i don't really care
SnapChat is DeadWalkingKit.
Music is pretty much everything to me.
I love all types of music
Bands: Famous Last Wrods ( favorite!
Jt is so Hot ) , Alesana , Asking Alexandria ( so upset that Danny left the band tho aww sad face :( ), The Amity Affliction, 3OH!3, Attlila ( so hard core) Black Veil Brides ( BvB army for life) , Bring me The Horizon, The Click Five , Crown The Empire, A Day To Remember, Falling in Reverse is Bae, Blood On The Dance Floor ( Bow Down To Dahvie Vanity ) , The Maine <3, Mayday Parade, Megosh ,ECT
Gamer Girl 2015 lolz
I Love play
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare2
Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare3
Minecraft 4 life <3
Im super fun to talk to
Cats R The best and i have 4
I Also have a Guinea Pig
His name is PHill ( He loves BOTDF as well)
LOvE you guys
Instagram is
P.S I Have A boyfriend so y'all ugly f***s can back off

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Im gonna be so bored today. what should i do

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