23 / Male / Pansexual / Forever Alone
is a door with ImperfectionsLoveMe
i'm me, get talking if you want to know who that really is :P

buut if you can't be bothered
it's simple
my names adam
also known as ace
i love music
my music taste has a wide range
i bmx
and tbh am a bit of a gamer
allot of photography done recently, just nothing of people more scenery

btw im shy so if you add me and don't message me you probably won't get a message , so message me if you want to talk I'll be boring and shy for a while but when you get to know me if you try enough, ill be the craziest person you know ;3 so message me if you wanna get talking or know anything more :3

kik: priceeyyy
skype: adam.price27
facebook: /acewkprice

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1. your hot 2. your ugly 3. I want you in my bed 4. your annoying 5. I secretly love you 6. I want to kiss you 7. I hate you put this as your status and see what people say