20 / Female / Lesbian / In Love
Pennsyvania – US
✴hiee i'm kerri ^.^
✴I talk waaay too much (i am sowwie /.\)
* taken by alex <3
✴I'm not good at describing myself '_'
✴I use faces too much to.
✴I love bands, they saved my life and I owe them everything I am(especially Blood on the dance floor, SGTC ^.^)
✴i'm here for you<3
*don't be shy to talk to me, i'm not mean \(*.*)/
*i'm a poet :D
*add me pweaseeeee cx
*-"Jealousy's a bitch and i'm f***ing her face, how do I taste?"-BOTDF
✴I don't bite
✴okay baiii c:

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If you don't check this out we can't be friends www.wattpad.com/49158107-they-still-wonder

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RebleCountryboy asked

Who has been the most important person in your life?
my sister, my girlfriend and music