16 / Female / Bisexual
Down in hell, where i belong. – US
my name is alex. well, hm. im kinda perverted, and I'm a kinky motherf***er too XD im funny and like jokes, playing video games, drawing, singing/listening to music, and watching youtube. i like mostly rock to heavy metal, and dubstep. i have small anger issues, and i have a soft heart, and cry at the smallest stuff. but im strong, so yeah, have any questions, feel free to ask me! ~<3

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hi i got my phone taken away and im banned from the computer for a while so bye ttyl

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Ello, sup


It's fine lol I just wanted to make sure I wasn't annoying or anything >.<


Works for me, goofball. I'm sorry if I bug you too much lol it's just cause I like talking to you so I probably come off wrong.


Why that one? :3


Ello. What's your favorite song? :) Pretty smile btw