18 / Female / Pansexual
Hell – US
Haii, I'm Storm.
I'm really boring.
I watch YouTube way to much. Along with Netflix.
I mainly watch the following channels on YouTube: JackSepticEye, 8-BitGaming. 8-BitRyan, Bazamalam, MassiveGaming, Dawko, DrewIsSharing, and VeeOneEye/VeeTwoEye.
I have slight obsessions with the following : Outlast, Resident Evil 7, Orange Is The New Black, That 70's Show, The Purge, The Neighbourhood, The 1975, Asking Alexandria, We Came As Romans,Ghost Town, Crown The Empire, Forever In combat, teen suicide, Troye Sivan, The Weeknd, Drewsif Gilchrist, Timo Bonner, Jesse James Rutherford,Cody Herbinko (Murderized), Ben Bruce, Denis Shaforostov, Daddy Issues, The Black(AA album) ,and Wiped Out!.
I roleplay way to much.
I use kik more than I should
Kik : heyweok.. (add the periods.) c;
I'm a little introverted.
I have high anxiety, slight bipolar disorder ,and quite a bit of depression, but I look over it all.
I really need friends. cx And yeah. cx

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This post is irrelevant. ;-;