20 / Female / Pansexual / Forever Alone
☮♡ – US
soo, i take pictures and write.
i enjoy things (cats, bands, boys, poetry etc)

i like quite a few things
(movies, poems, johnny depp, candles, warped tour etc)

i listen to a lot of things
(front porch step, sleeping with sirens, bring me the horizon, of mice & men, the paper kites etc)

i watch some stuff (american horror story, dexter, etc)

boys are cuute
(justin theroux, dylan o'brien, jason [veeoneeye], damon fizzy, christian novelli, johnnie etc)

i do some things
(netflixing, writing, walking, talking pictures, eating, singing etc)

✖warning✖ i have a thing for
grammar, i might be sarcastic, and yep.

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soo. bye guys :(

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Galaxy.Unicorn asked

Why are you so Gorgeous? c;
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im nott lol

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you have cute smiling pictures :3~


Thank you!


: )