17 / Non-binary / Bandsexual / Forever Alone
Kik: du.ality
haiii there uwu my name is
.... jk... The mortals call me storm.
I am 16 years years young and I am NOT straightedge ;-;
I do a lot of drugs bc they make me forget about my hell of a life that I live in.
Call me puppy and I'm basically your's
I am bisexxy but mostly attracted to qt gurls ⊙ω⊙ (too bad nobody will ever love meh back "_")

My favorite vocalist are:
Brendon! At The Disco
Dandy (Daddy + Andy) Black
Falling In Reverse
Yung Lean
Bring Me The Horizon
Tyler the Creator
Blank Banshee

Sometimes when I'm alone I sit in my room drinking my Arizona Tea (preferably Green Tea because if you drink anything other than that you are a fake) with my bucket hat one and listen to my Vaporwave vinyls to escape the sad existence which is my life. T_T
I also like to go outside and ride my Heelys (it's like they say: Wear Heelys to escape your feelys)

P.S. I have collars in ALL shades of the rainbow ;P

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Amaryllis ✨ 

Welcome to SK!