100 / Male / Polysexual / Broken Hearted
heyy im kriss

dont be shy to ask for my number ^_^

heres some poetry of mine

I pull up my sleeve
reveiling all the cuts
gashed so deep
from my arms to my soul
all the posers never understood
never could understand the pain
The pain I feel
forever bleeding
I bleed empty and alone

my favorite band is kesha......NOT!!!!!!!
XD :33
i like old music like blink 182 and mcr
bfmv is my LIFFEE!!!!!!!!
hmu on kik my name is xXfrijoleXx

gonna post some pix of me an dmy girl soon!!

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f*** her. f*** the world. f*** everything. so done you guys >:(

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Thanks for accepting me, I'm Hope. It's very nice to meet you, feel free to follow me.. twitter.com/Hopetasticallov & Add me on Facebook.. www.facebook.com/Hopetastical