25 / Female / Bisexual / Engaged
california – US
Unicorns on acid c:

Hai beauts, I'm Aleisha , my middle name just so happens to be faye :o how bout that crazy s*** !

I accept everyone who sends me requests so don't get wet/hard over me accepting you .

I'm happily taken by the guy I hope to walk down an isle to one day .

I won't speak to you if your a pig . I'm just looking for friends, or cute girls to talk to c:

Don't ask me to text I don't have a cell phone .


Bye ;*

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Someone send me a proposal ? C:

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TheCoolioOnes asked

why does it say your 19 if you say your 16?
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Because otherwise I can't talk to older people and half the people my age are f***ing retards .

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: )