20 / Male / Straight / In Love
best friends 4ev xXTeenageWastelandXx
HalloweenTown – US
Hai i'm George :)

I ride BMX and I am trying to learn how to skate >.^ I like cuddling, talking to people and having fun ;) I have a dark sense of humor... most of the time it's either Dark, racist (I'm not actually racist) or really really stupid and random as F*** :3

Some of my hobbies include Ghost Hunting, Biking, playing xbox, hanging with xXTeenageWastelandXx, watching tv, eating, and foolin' around!

favorite bands
-of mice and men
-Marylin Manson
-Daft Punk
-DJ Droideka
Haiii Ima Red [email protected]

Message me I Don't bite... Well, some maybe.... ;)

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Green Day - Time of Your Life

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skully110 asked

why are you so amazing???
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Idk, why are u so adorable <3

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course i own my boo c:


RAWR *giggles* XD I OWN YOU


i love you so much <3 *giggles* RAWR


RAWR >*<


Your welcome love