21 / Male / Gay / In a Relationship
cow town – US
Hey my names Jack, but my friends also call me Jackie and Magnus. I LOVE drawing and listening to music, thats like my whole life lol. I really like techno, screamo, punk, rock, j-pop/k-pop, indie, and a BUNCH of other genres of music. I'm a pretty cool and sweet guy when you get to know me, buut im kinda shy and a loser so i get scared and nervous when people talk to me, but if you're calm or funny then I'll probably respond!!
~My Boyfriend is adorable~ *o* ^w^

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man im all excited for school on monday cuz i get to see all my friends again but at the same time im dreading school on monday cuz i hafta dO GROSS WORK EW and you know bullying and people sucking and being assholes but mainly EW WORK