19 / Female / Bisexual / Engaged
PrincessLunaLee is Engaged to DarkKingKaito DarkKingKaito
I'm an otaku, cosplayer, am in a band called lead the way and currently i model, act, and sing as a indie artist.
Anime and undertale is life <3
i prefer girls :3 since men kiiiinda scare me.
I'm pretty random and sometimes people think i'm obnoxious. but MEH XD
I <3 fashion.
Addicted to tsumtsums D:
Part of the Full Moon Clan as Zofie the slightly newbie vampire (always down to RP as her) and also part of Crescent Moon Clan as Vampire/Witch hybrid Lunaria (also like to RP her)
Other OC's are human/witches

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college is kicking my ass but hey at least i can walk with my squad to 711 at midnight and get a slurpee XD no curfew FTW

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GosutheDuck asked

yo! Welcome to the Scene, Kid! HA. HA. HAHA. I crack myself up
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lmao thanks bro XD