19 / Male / Straight / It's Complicated
Richmond VA – US
Warning: Stalk me and i shalt addeth you!

Yo its Kashi Sixx a fellow scene kid, i respect anyone as long as you are cool to me, i am an atheist btw. I also love bands like bvb, sws, lp, raise these sails, follow my lead, suicide silence, botdf, and sooooooooo much more,
i also love hair dye, rainbows, snakebite piercings, converse, band tees, dubstep, screamo, bracelets, KANDI BRACELETS!!! ♥ anyways i shall cut to the point, i am a kid who wants to meet others! ( btw i hate the ignorant emo is scene thing, there is a HUGE difference, i am not depressed, i have a dont-give-a-f*** attitude, i wear colorful stuff, and i love parties and raves, btw im happy c:) anyways yea =D

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d***, s*** is getting boring, I'm gonna go watch 00yarko

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