16 / Female / Single and Not Looking
a small town – US
Im xXHorrificHeatherXx
You can also call me Kitty ^o-o^ CX
There isnt rlly much 2 say about mee
Im obsessed with a band called(i might get criticized 4 this buuuut idgaf xD) Evanescence
Theyre rad, so hmu if u <3 them 2!
I also like (again with bands ppl r gnna make fun of me 4) Within Temptation an WATIC [We Are The In Crowd]
I enjoy art, music, poetry, makeup, food, piercings, tattoos, and unnatural hair XD
And I hate judgmental people, pervs, and people who love to start fights

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Whats everybody's favorite band/song right now? I'm curious to know :3