16 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
😎😎😎😎 Lucifer.Lord.Ov.Hel
Dallas-Texas – US
Hey my names Angela.
I love art.
I love music
and I love cars
Idk what else to say tbh but HMU and we can be besties
I dont bite unless you deserve it so yeah grass is green and s*** is brown thats what upp
---\/---If You
---[]---Support METAL
---[]---add the guitar
--/[]\--to your page
-/._. \-
/_/ \_ \

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sometimes i wish i meant this much to my dad but i dont and its ok

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AlmightyKroose  asked


Your face looks like one of those creepy ass aztec statues xd
Kroose your face looks like a mistake i feel bad for when you die becuz wherever you go everyone will be cringing when they see how ugly you are :)

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Thank you for accepting <3