18 / Female / Bi-curious / Single and Looking
D:< pepsi is gr0ss if u like coke stay away from meh!!

im lime :3 i love wolves and kittehs. xXx.RedWolf.YamiBloodfang.xXx changed me into a werewolf we're BFFzies!! dont touch him x3 minee!! ! (not rlly tho rofllmaololo)

talk to meh!! i wanna make frends <33 dont talk to meh if ive had sugar tho x3 i get crazie!!

lemon if ur reading this ur a bitch!!~ ^.^
likes: milkshaekz, girls (im not a lebsian!! get it rite), the sky, singing, my kitteh Splash Mountain x3

dislikes: backstabbing bitches, hipsters, the dark, slides (dont ask xD)