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Hai my name is kat xD
I'm so hyper its driving me crazy so imma let it all out........MARSMALLOWS ARE DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! OMG did i spell that wrong???? omg Wyatts grammar natzis are after meeeeeee OMG!!!!! OH wait all just get godzillea mehehehehehehe when i was little my mom told me there were little microscopic godzillas that everywhere...which is weird!!! oh well.......awkward silenceeeee........againnnnnnnnnn wow i dont know who is going to read all of what im gonna say bc om not done yet no no NEVERRRRRR.......CHUBBY.......*says in quiet voice*....bunny. I can only fit in like 4 or 5 flippn marshmallows in my mouth WHAT *pauses* THE *dramatic* IN THE NAME OF PICKLES IS GOING ON!!!! did you know that unicorns eat rainbows and poop skittles??!! ITS A TRUE FLIPPEN FACT don't deny meee its so very very trueee but never and i nean NEVERR TRUST UNICORNS........they come out of nowhere*hides in a corner* that moment when some one doesnt message you back *does jim carry voice* ALLLLLLLLRIGHTYYY THEN!!!!! love that just epicness awesome shut up me thats not a word z,csjhvgakse,fflea stop it my keyboard is pazzing out hehe it said flea hehe heheheh hehehehehe......HEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHE BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ...no I DONT THINK SOOOOO the hobbit movie was badass just badass!! no one takes marshmallows from meee.....Wyatt you ate like the entire bag i Will get my revenge!!!!! *pounces on wyatt* when someone asked if they can have some of my marshmallows...... *does smeagles voice* MY PRECIOUS!!!!! i hate brussle sprouts are the nastiest things youve ever tasted besides other foods but i dont feel like naming bahahahaha oh god im like salavating eeeeeeeh it burns im meltingggggg oh wait i dont even know heh heh heh heh oheyyy then when you tell your friend who your dating and their all like awwwwwwwwwww and your like shut...up they should make a movie about marshmallows!!!!!!! epicness and mix it with halo and they'll be all like GRENADE!!! *marshmallow explodes* bwahahahahahah YESSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSS oh god what i am i doinhg ahahahaha no when teachers tell you not to laugh it just makes everything funnier heheh OMG MY KEYBOARD JUST LOST CONNECTION AAAAAAAAAAH,........... okay its all better hehe awkward conversation>>> ..........RANDOMNESS PENGUIN!!!!! <('v) SHARK DUN DUN..................DUN DUN.................... DUN DUN..................... DADADAAAA!!! (^^^) hehe will you eat you just ...just bear with me spock you will make it!!!!! *makes that spock face* DAT FACEEE what time is it ADVENTURE TIME.. no its time to>>>SCREAMMMMMMM mehehehe MOMMY!!!!! WHAAAAT???? FIRESTAR DOESN"T LIKE WAFFLES!!!!! FIRESTAR DOESN"T LIKE WAFFLES!!!???? *other cat in background* FIRESTAR DOESN'T LIKE COOKIESSSSS!!!!!!!!! *falls of chair* what is happeninggggg it is a earthsquack
*quake lol earthsquack hehehe hehe heheheeh eheheheheheh EHEHEHEHEHEHEH BEST WORD INVENTED HAHAAAAAAAA *chokes*................_______________foxes be like......WHAPAPAPAPAPAPOW WHAPAPAPAPAPAPOW HATI HATI HATI HO AHRIRAHIGURAHI oh god i can't do that part LOLZZZZZ i need you sockxxxxxxxxx haha no no nooooo i dont think sooooo those are my ocks and you want me feet to stink then fiiiine *shoves foot in persons face* when you have a bad day you blah blah blah blah and you do an epic slide down the hall!! THAT FIXES EVERYTHINGGGGG when someone is gone for the day and comes back the next I FRICKEN TAKLE THEM TO THE GROUND!!!

oh marsh-mallows oh marsh-mallows how i want to eat youuuu
HAHAHSAAAAAAAAAAA!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!! RANDOM DANCING *does herlem shake* OMG JELLYBEANZZZZZ........i do'nt wanna know the WAR BETWEEN GOOD AN D EVIL *dramatic music in background* POPTARTZZ VS. WAFFLES!!!! When loki does something stupid *random person yells* YEAH LOKIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! DAT STALKER FACE WHEN YOU STALK PEOPLE YOU LIKE mehehehehehehehe *makes le epic stalker face* hang on evey one this might be the end of my ourburst of hyperness... *runs out in iving room and back* unicorns eat plants and turn into pickles....i told you ........there everywhere... *makes creepy face* *rolls on ground* what the fudgenuts am i doing lol!!!! ROFL!!(literally) powlabearz be like *makes dumb face and snarls* omg its YODA!!!!! *Talks in yoda voice* "let the force be with you" oh really thennnnn *farts* NOT THAT FORCE YOU IDIOT!!! *yoda slaps person* oh you mean this *poops on floor* WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU! this is useless i'm done. ever wonder why 58% of people name there kid luke....just so they could say "LUKE I AM YOUR FATHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!" alright i think im better but still hyper my hands are just burning so much from all this typing and i hope ya'll made it to the end heheheheheheh its not over yet.... To be..... *dramatic pause* ............CONTINUED!!!! MEHEHEHEHEH MARSHMALLOW KAT OUT!!!

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He dumped me and he didn't even tell me! X( I hate boys! Ugh, someone message me!