15 / Female / Lesbian / Recently Single
Roast buddies Xaviers.Queen
Hmm, well I like music
And books
Books are cool
Oh my name is Ellie by the way 😂
I don't really know what else to put, um, oh I like dogs
Defo a dog person
Christ I'm so cringe halp

Some more stuff about me as my profile is looking a bit s***e:
I'm a musician, I play guitar, bass, drums, piano and I'm currently teaching myself cello
I listen to a wide range of music, from satanic death metal to Ed Sheeran XP
A few of my favourite bands/singers are:
-Marilyn Manson
-Cannibal Corpse
-The New Age
-In This Moment
-Jared Dines
-Nothing To Offer
-Ed Sheeran
-Nahko and MFTP
-James Bay
-Darke Complex
-Arctic Monkeys
-So This Is Suffering
-The Obselete
-Our Hollow, Our Home
-August Burns Red
-Norma Jean
-Icon For Hire
-New Years Day
And like a million more lol
Also, if you're in a band and you make music but are struggling to get heard, definitely hit me up, I love listening to new music and I won't turn you down
I love talking to new people and I'd say I'm pretty easy to talk to, so come say hi :)

AlSo, ItsMeHolly is one of the most AMAZING people you will ever meet, she is kind, and funny, and has put up with my annoying ass for over a year, so if you're looking for a mate she should be the person you go to straight away (plus she's hot so :P)

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Had to give a foot massage today #ShOoK

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Boi are you okay now?
I tri to be