20 / Female / Bisexual / In a Relationship
*I love bands <3 ^-^
*Don't Hate If You Can't Relate!
*Anime ^-^
*Aliza cx
*i would like to say um.. im shy /.\
*Horror Movies are beautiful <3
*i am proudly owned by Spence <333
*i like to be adorable
* if you have nothing nice to say... just dont even waste your breathe saying it >.>
*gauges and band merch <3
*and... BOTDF IS MY LIFE <3333
*kik- bellaboo22lovesyou
*ill wuv woo foreva if you friend meh <3
*i am in a band <333 love my band :3
*Bisexual ^-^
*Where's My Wonderland <3333

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well im bored #foreveralone