24 / Male / Straight / Single
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Salinas, Cali – US
Name: Rigo
Age: 23
I'm real 100% want proof add my IG: ___animefreakx
Legend of Zelda šŸ—”
Anime: Naruto Shippuden, Sword art online, Deadman wonderland, Black butler, bungou stray dogs, attack on titan, DBZ Super, One punch man etc.
Favorite anime character: Madara, Sasuke, Indra, Ashura, Kakashi, Itachi, Dazai, Akutagawa, Kirito, Sebastian etc. šŸ˜ˆ
Skate: sometimes šŸ™‚
Bands: BackTrack, Bent Life, Incendiary, Bracewar, Expire (R.I.P), Spite, Vein, Lock, Fury, Knocked loose, Turnstile, Erra, Dayseeker, Slaves, Day dreamer, Life on repeat, Awaken I am, Convictions, Finders, So this is suffering, Lionheart, Windows of lucidity, Mothersound, We the kings, Walking dead on broadway, Silent screams, Famous last words, Shields, Seladora, Liferuiner, Kingdom of giants, In dying arms, I assailant, I see the end, James elsewhere, Goodmorning gorgeous, For all I am, The dead rabbits, All time low, Volumes, Upon a burning body, Sienna Skies, Get scared, Face your makers, The modern life, Follow my lead, Being as a ocean, Hills have eyes, Upon this dawning, Issues, Secrets, Eat a helicopter, Within the ruins, The Story So Far, Chelsea Grin, Whitechapel, Here comes the kraken, Thy art is murder, Rings of Saturn, Nova prospekt, Crown the empire, Fit for a king, For All Eternity, Adestria, Infant Annihilator, Adept, A skylit drive, A past unknown, For the broken, Indirections, Call it home, Aim for the sunrise, Slipknot, Wolves at the gate, I declare war, System of a down, To each his own, The air i breathe, Imora, Like moths to flames, We came as romans, Devil wears prada, Five finger death punch, I see stars, Marilyn manson, Motionless in white, Periphery, Lamb of god, Saosin, Bullet for my valentine, Ocean ate alaska, Close your eyes, Betraying the martyrs, United highlights, A Day To Remember, Among this all, Pierce the veil, Skyscrapers among us, Never shout never, Hopes die last, Stick to your guns, Heart in hand, Alesana, BMTH, Red jumpsuit apparatus, Of Mice and Men, Dream on Dreamer, Above the city, Miss may I, Bless the fall, The black dahlia murderer, Suicide Silence, Blessed By Burden, Escape the fate, Breaking Benjamin, 10 years, Three days grace, Killswitch engage, Story of the year, Rise against, Skillet, Matchbook romance, Pearl jam, and Caliban ^.^
Likes: Meeting new people :), play games, go on adventures, chill with my friends, watch horror movies, and have a fun time :3

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x.Rigo.X321 posted a status update: I love when people say Iā€™m fake it just makes me laugh when I said Iā€™m 100% real it means Iā€™m real I even said I can you show you proof all you need to do is ask xD //

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Plurfectkitty123 asked

I love deadman wonderland! If im loking for something like that what should i look up? =^-^=
One punch man, attack on titan, parasyte, blood +, elfen lied etc. :)

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hi there


thanks for the accept :)


You have nice hair.


Ɨ I'm sorry but holy f*** your an amazing human who's adorable. Just thought i'd drop by an say that.. Carry on Ɨ


hahaha i guezz so


thx fer adding mee :3


It will be don't worry c:


Tomorrow can always be better (:


Awh well that's no fun ._.


It's great thanks for asking ^-^ Yours ?