14 / Female / Lesbian / In a Relationship
one of saturn's moons – UK
it just be like that sometimes

things that are good;
- hozier
- coldplay
- radiohead
- bbc merlin
- anime
- hamilton (the musical)
- supernatural
- the secret history by donna tartt
- minecraft

things that are not good
- bigotry
- noncing
- riverdale

message me something thats not 'hi' or 'can i see your tits' and i'll probably reply


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oh my god i just realised if we get a new site i can actually say i was here for both scenekids AND ginpop, thats like the ultimate flex

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DancingWithDolphins  asked

Minecraft or garry's mod? Which do you prefer and why? :U
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minecraft, bc ive always felt more free to do what i want in it :) also the soundtrack is 10/10