14 / Female / Pansexual / Single and Looking
one of saturn's moons – UK
sup, bitches. i'm willow. not my real name but if you want it feel free to ask. also, because some of y'all can't read, i am a minor!! willies away, fellas. anyway.

my favourite colour is yellow, obviously. i like watching youtube, drawing, listening to music, and retro video games (sonic > mario, sorry).

my taste in music is mostly indie rock. my favourite artists are blur, coldplay, radiohead, adam and the ants, the smiths, pixies, elastica, joy division, queen, the rolling stones, david bowie, the cure, nirvana, pulp, gorillaz, pearl jam, alice in chains, no buses, and a few more i can't name off the top of my head.

art is my main thing. i also play bass and ukulele (if anyone wants to start a band with me i'm down lmao)

please message me. i answer almost all of them, but i don't log on every day so i might not see them quickly :)

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guess who was born fourteen years ago or something o3o

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Lucius asked

Yellow is a GOOD choice of colour
it is!!