20 / Female / Pansexual / In a Relationship
cat mom with Jessythepizzaprincess
Chico, CA – US

yo mah dude.

im Emily. I'm a poor college student in a town with limited emos/scene kids. I like drawing some weird s***(I'm going to college for an animation degree). Message me to ask and see some of the stuff I haven't posted!
I tend to say lmao a lot oh and lol too, usually to mask the fact that I'm dying on the inside. The only one I can ever truly rely on is my cat, Fern. <3 She is bae :3c

Bands/Artists I'd sell my used underwear for: TFB, Modern Baseball, SNCKPCK, CHVRCHES, Flatsound, BMtH, P!ATD, VARSITY and several others that I'll get around to listing when I'm less of a lazy f***head.

I'm secretly a weeb and meme loving trash so if you dig that, we'll be cool friends.

dicks out for harambe tho

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b0ss plz plz b0ss gib me da pu$$y