18 / Female / Pansexual / Single
"AS LOST AS ALICE AS MAD AS THE HATTER" Help me find my way...

Ewo :] my name is GAB but please do call me HARU cuz "Haru" in japanese means Spring and I love that season XD I'm from the Philippines. I am 4'10 in height -.- hella short (but every tall boy needs a short girl XD )
Really shy and quiet but I can be quite hyper when I'm comfortable with you...just give a little time and getting to know each other hehe...I hate the people at my school I swear I could kill some of them once they get into my nerves. My perfectly good scissors are always ready. Kind of a perfectionist XD

Creepypasta,Food,Music,Sleep,Nature,Anime,Cosplay,Video Games,Youtube

Clowns,Lizards,Extreme Heights,Assholes,Jerks,Annoying People

All Time Low,Boyce Avenue,One Ok Rock,J-Pop/Rock,Fall Out Boy

Anime,Horror Films,Romance-Comedy,Ghost Adventures,A Haunting,My Haunted House,Marvel Films,Tim Burton Films

Manga and Wattpad

Pewdiepie,Markiplier,Smosh,KiseMake,Pink Stylist,Ryan Higa,Shane Dawson,Matthew Santoro,Nick Pitera,Peter Hollens,Thomas Sanders,Matt Steffanina,One Million Dance Studio

Drawing/Sketching,Singing,Writting stories,Poetry,Playing Guitar,Playing Video Games

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I don't wanna be the one that's left behind
Don't blame me, don't hate me
I don't wanna be the one that's left behind

I won't fade away
Be forgotten or just cast away
This life is mine to live (this life is mine to live)
I won't fade away
I am lost inside this endless haze of life
But this life is mine to live

~Ols Scars Future Hearts;All Time Loe