18 / Male / Straight
Richmond – US
Not much to say about me. Music is my life, I'm really into A7x, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, and the like, but I listen to a lot of other stuff as well. I play sax and bass guitar, and I'm the drum major for my school marching band ( if you want to check me out go to www.youtube.com/user/Katietroy01) If you want to know more or if you just want to talk, shoot me a message and I'll either take forever to respond or respond immediately. Also, I leave anons on so feel free to ask me anything. Also, I'm not on here during the day usually so if you want to talk you
can email me at [email protected]

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Fave show????
Impractical Jokers

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TBH you're very cute and fun to talk too


9 💕😋