16 / Female / Single and Not Looking
i don't really know why i signed up here? but i bet i saw this site on a youtube chanel and i guess my sleep deprived brain was like "oh it can't possibly be /that/ bad" and.......i think this site has changed a bit i guess bc i yet have seen a profile like the ones on the vid

anyway, im a lil bab and im autistic (been dxed since i was 4-5 i think,not high enogh to be 'sterotipcal' or any thing) and have adhd that means
A.i might seem like an oddball but i really just wanna seem cool haha
B.im really naive i know how stuff work but like, /how/ does it work??
C.if i bring up a specail intrest while talking plz don't lagh at it ;-;

my specail intrests rn are undertale,vocaloid/utau,anime,cats and oddly enogh happy tree friends (nutty is my son haha and....he gets recked the hardest haha)

my tumblr is puns-and-cats there you'll find.......uh lots of happy tree friends and now this is a givin,,,but puns and cats

i oughta stop rambling haha

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