18 / Female / Straight / Single
Nelson, British Colombia – CA
kayla elizabeth ☂
i am seventeen going on seven, which means i'm still in high school. i'm aware that i don't capitalize and use correct grammar so please don't correct me. i am not a fake person, i will be honest and up front with you. i do not feel comfortable giving out my phone number or Facebook (that is meant for close friends and family).
i'm optimistic and an introvert ❀. you won't find me sharing my personal problems with you, they are meant for me to deal with. i'm generally very sweet and respectful of people's opinions and believes. i'm a horror movie freak and marvel obsessed (DC is good too). i also really like anime (not an otaku. please don't be offended when i say i'm "weeb trash" it is simply a joke). i like old school music such as: Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles, etc. music is really important which is why i have learned to play the ukulele. art is totally my kind of thing, terrible at crafts tho. i take care of my friends. family is also important to me.
i won't always be on this site, don't be upset if i don't message you back. i'm a skater and stoner ✌, just gonna go ahead and throw that out there. i'm not really sure if i'm ready for any type of relationship, so for now Satan is my daddy 😍. i'm not obligated to talk to you, keep that in mind.
i do play video games on all consoles but i don't consider myself a gamer girl (note i do not like games like COD and FNAF). i'm mostly obsessed with Legend of Zelda. message me or ask questions to know more about me (◕‿◕✿)