17 / Female / Bisexual / Broken Hearted
Kansas – US
I’m Annie! I did have another account on here but I decided to make a “new” one.😂 ummm a little about me is that I’m 5’3” so yes, I’m tiny and uh I game slightly (call of duty world at war. I f***ing beat ASS at that game sooo) I’m very musically talented, as in I play 3 instruments and I sing and write my own songs (which are trash like me) I’m also a little, so I LOVE DDLG (dont judge me babes) so don’t be afraid to message me to ask a question!! I’m always open!!💕😘

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I love when people promise s*** and then they leave you. It’s great. I f***ing love it. Best thing in the whole f***ing world. Yeah, you. It’s you. Why’d you do it? Hm? When you promised that I was your whole d*** world and lied. Hm, hurts doesn’t it.