27 / Female / Straight / Recently Single
Bangor Maine – US
Well I'm Alesandria, everyone calls me panda though :) I'm on here to meet some cool kids that are like me. I don't like drama so I won't deal with it.. I'm one of those people who will tell you where the bear s***s in the woods so if you don't like honesty, don't come talking to me. I can't stand stupid people.. Stupid just angers me and I can't handle that.

I have 4 rabbits, Sir Chub Chubs, Lady Love Handles, Princess Pudgy Pie, and Duke Roly-Poly Rocker. Yes they are all fat jokes and I love them all!

I like way to much music, I like to be funny and go with the flow.. Uh not sure what else O.o I'm a panda rawr?

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I'll fill this all out later.. I just moved into my new place so that takes priority.