20 / Female / Bisexual / Single and Looking
Your bed, MA – US
Um I am kinda awkward with conversation at first but once I get to know you I'm a kinda flirt and super sweet and I listen to bmth, bvb, ptv, Sws, omam, mcr, adtr, and my more!
Um. um.. If you happen to be a gay guy hurry the f*** up and message me and friend me because I officially love you :3
Umm I'm almost always on but if it says offline I get a email straight to my phone which I have on ny all day everyday so message mee.
Umm I say 'umm' a lot....
I smoke and drink and do drugs don't message if you dont like please.
I'm bisexual *no hate*
If I say I'm fine you can't believe me I never am.
I don't watch tv
I stay in my room all day
I have social anxiety.
School gives me anxiety.
Sex is great xD..
I'm probably high all the time
I get kinda sexual when I'm high.
I'm no very smart
I'm in recovery right now, just got home from the hospital