22 / Female / Pansexual
Houston – US
Hai :3
I'm Tabbii (short for Tabitha)
kik: tabbiiloveyou

Here's a few things you really need to know about me.
1. I hate improper grammar. If you can't spell, don't message me please.
2. I may be a child, but don't go treating me like one. I've been through more s*** then even most adults.
3. I LOVE cuddling.
4. Reading is my biggest passion. Favorite book is The Fault in Our Stars.
5. I sing ^-^ no, I will not sing for you if you are a complete stranger.
6. I like meeting new people c: (don't start flirting right away or I will block you.)
7. I don't like when people call me "sexy", "hot", or anything else sexual. I'm not a cup of tea, I'm a woman.
8. I'm pansexual. No, that does not mean I go and have sex with pans. It's when someone loves/likes a person because they are them, not for their sex or some other sh*t.
9. I like video games. Yes, I mean video games. Anything that involves killing things, shooting, or just having fun with friends, I like it.
10. Music is my freaking passion. It's beautiful. I'm eclectic (I listen to various genres), so I really like anything.

So.. Message me you beautiful people c:

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People should message me .-.

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haha not when im not around to


i was in the shower haha