21 / Female / Single and Not Looking
Maine – US


Just a girl killing time before time kills me.


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CornHub 👑   posted a status update: subtle posted a status update: CornHub 👑  posted a status update: i don't want to say i'm addicted to caffeine, but if i don't have any i will dig someone's eyeball out with my thumb // I'll make you that stupid TikTok coffee if you promise not to gouge out my orbs out. // wait tiktok is coffee?? // Dalgona coffee went viral like a month ago on Tiktok because some little virgin figured out how to make it (it's super easy) and everyone got hard.

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CornHub 👑   asked

hell yeah
check snapchat, cornboy

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You're cute 😍

Atomic ☢️ 

I like the snazzy socks