16 / Non-binary / Forever Alone
smallnig – US
1AM....hmmm....currently listening to playlist of Crystal Castles,ETHS,Envy and Toho Bests. Fan of horror, anything macabre and old is awesome. Coffee fanatic,hardware techy.

I can be a really nice person and a really good friend but if you cross me I turn into a f***ing dragon I swear lmao.
Interested in politics, war, military tactics. I have alot of friends, mainly my friends in the local Nazi party, as well as the German people. I'm looking for someone with blonde hair, blue eyes, strong, bold, and NOT JEWISH. I hate mostly Jews and gypsies, as well as gays, handicapped people, Slavics, Russians. I'm a pretty smart and strong guy, served in World War I, I've also got quite a fair bit of money and alot of friends from my trips to Croatia, Poland, Austria and France. Especially interested in Japanese and Italian chicks atm. If you're looking for a real man who will back you up if you get in any trouble with the Jews or Slavs, hook me up ;)