17 / Female / Engaged
wonderland – US
Hi I'm christina grace ^-^
Happily taken by Michael hernandez <3

All I literally do is eat pizza rolls, watch Netflix or sleep.

I'm just a 5'1 hippy/scene kid, who like like dying their hair.

Here are few things about me c:
1. I'm actually Mexican I just look super white cause both my parents are pale ass Mexicans and cause I don't go outside when it's sunny most of the time.
2. I'm learning to play the cello.
3. I'm blind af and like deaf cx
4. I'm adopted
5. I have a super unhealthy addiction to netfilx.
6. I love making new friends c:
7. I'm dye my hair a lot during the summers
8. I love yoga
9. I use to have an account on here a long time ago
10. I'm always super cold.
11. My favorite movie is princess bride
12. I don't have a favorite color
13. I love tattoos and piercings
14. I should probably go to therapy but I'm not going to cx
15. I'm currently on probation