19 / Male / Pansexual / In a Relationship
Is crazy in love with the very best Lunse
Esbjerg – DK
Well hello there ^^ my name is steven, i'm 19 and don't know anything anymore :3

fav bands: BVB, 5FDP, New years day, arch enemy

fav games: SC II, MC, GTA V, Spore, Rocksmith, AC Black Flag and AC III, Far Cry (the whole series)

fav color: lime green

fav drink: yo blood sweetheart :*

anyway, i'm a boy, not so much to tell bout me but i live in south Denmark with my beautiful girlfriend, i love spending time with friends. i'm a semi gamer and a hopeless romantic :3

another thing about me, i started to play the guitar again after a loooong break, and i play a lot of rocksmith tho ^^

feel free to add me :3

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why is there so many non- alternative people on here? no you're not altarnative if you got a piercing, no your not if you have messy hair, no you're not if you color your har mainstream color, no you're not alternative cuz you have black pants, like people gtf out of here, this site was meant for alternative people ONLY, not all you mainstream normal people, and ps. you're not alternative cuz you got another sexuality -.-

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Flowermouth ☣  asked

Is Lordi a thing that people actually like? I kind of thought it was a joke, like Anal C***....
Well lordi is cool, the videos and lyrics are kinda f***t but it's not bad at all ^^

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youre lit lmaooooooo