21 / Male / Pansexual / Single
Best Friend Luciferswife666
Esbjerg – DK
Well hello there ^^ my name is steven, i'm 20 and don't know anything anymore :3

fav bands: BVB, 5FDP, New years day, arch enemy

fav games: SC II, MC, GTA V, Spore, Rocksmith, AC Black Flag and AC III, Far Cry (the whole series)

fav color: lime green

fav drink: yo blood sweetheart :*

anyway, i'm a boy, not so much to tell bout me but i live in south Denmark, i love spending time with friends. i'm a semi gamer and a hopeless romantic :3

another thing about me, i started to play the guitar again after a loooong break, and i play a lot of rocksmith tho ^^

feel free to add me :3

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why is everyone talking with my fiancé about my dick? i don't get it xD

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Flowermouth asked

Is Lordi a thing that people actually like? I kind of thought it was a joke, like Anal C***....
Well lordi is cool, the videos and lyrics are kinda f***t but it's not bad at all ^^