25 / Male / Bisexual / In a Relationship
FL,Tampa – US
life was fun then you grow up
my life was -.- you get the point most of us been through the same f***ed up s***}
this is getting boring my entire f***ing life i use to live in wisconson now i live in the FL parts of america/

im tai/asian,irish,swiss,walesin,cherakeet,russian,arabac and spartan

i know this is pretty long but idgaf

listen im really a nice person who likes to chat and play with people but don't just say ill be back later and never come back like my ex she said hey ill be back home later i go to my friends house and find her on his cock

listen my life is pretty f***y for me and everyone els im not complaining im happy i just wish i could have someone who really cared the only thing i want is a family thats why i join websites like this so i can be family and friends with people

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