16 / Male / Holosexual / Unhappily Married
Flavor Town – US
hi, im jim. im 6"4 and i really like feet. i dont know whats so special about feet. they are amazing creatures created by god. every night before i go to bed i like to suck my toes. of course i need somebody to suck toes with. it gets lonely here, with my feet. i need to look at the smooth, succulent texture of sweaty feet. i need to inhale the special fumes they emit. if you wanna hook up sometime call fee-fee-feet. now back to feet. i want to cradle some sexy feet. dont get me wrong, im not a footfag. i just really like feet. sniff sniff sniff. OOHF OHF OH FOHF OHFO. I've been craving feet lately. good feet. yummy in my tummy feet. i wanna shove a foot right up my ass as i scream "feet feet feet". my parents dont approve of this and they're kicking me out of their house soon. maybe i could crash at your place for some feet? fanks.