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el oh el ur mom – TV
hi my name is danger mcsexy i'm a pretty sexy mama i mean my milkshake usually brings the boys and the trannies to the yard i mean i even get the ladies throwing their panties i guess that counts for something right i mean just look at me ugh pls i can't even deal rn can u just take me home and love me i mean who wouldn't want to i am a qt pie, rite?

Dominik Santorski is mine kthnxbai.

add me because i'm hot and like emo music like legit i actually like it but idk what to call it i also like such songs as Booty Man that is probs my fav also add me because i am not an asshole i mean i like buttholes and i am quite arrogant and full of myself but hey who isn't these days #hipsterlife
also add me because i said so and if you dont i will
a) s*** in your cereal
b) summon demons
c) send satan's fury upon you
ok thnx
el oh el jk but i might just poop on you ok bai

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lol u wat m8 lol cum fite mi irl 1v1 lol wat