16 / Non-binary / Bandsexual / In Love
isolated in bedroom – US
ill tell you a little sumthin about meh :3 i'm 14 years years old my name is alejandra and I luv bands, and im new on here because i want to be the hottest scene girl here.... xD lets get sumethin straight thouh..... :3 I don't like guys with Justin beiber hair because I like guys with the dark hair that scream on the top of their lungs I just worship that becuz it brings out meh feelings xD I like partying and smoking huge joints with PTV initials!! I love ptv I'm going to marry vic fuentes! #vicforlife p.s. don't come flirting with me if your black, you gotta be white to be cute and I love saying rawr :3 becuz rawr XD my deathly stares mean I'm in luv btw (I ALSO WORSHIP OLI SYKES AND HANNAH GLIEDEN IS MY BFF)