19 / Female / Demisexual / Forever Alone
London – UK
I'm Samiya, a girl that stumbled across this site when she watched a video making fun of it. I'm a guitarist and short af (5'2.6''), but I'm prepared to climb if you know what I mean ;).

I'm a massive metalhead and I write music as a solo artist (search 'Samee Ahmed'), and I am the guitarist for two bands - Bloom, and Bandy McBandface (a band me and my mates made as a joke for a school show).

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so this week i learned that my friends dont actually want to talk to me, and that they will only talk to me if im with other people which they actually want to talk with

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Corpse.Grinder  asked

Look all I'm sayin is Lay's sour cream n onion chips might be the best chips on the globe
lol I had to look up what Lay's is sksk. Over here it's Walkers, and I've tried them before and its good aha

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yeah that's totally the one. hahahahaha, I remember in like 2013 my friend who was also on this site drove my house just to show me this video and we laughed for twenty minutes straight.


what was the video making fun of sk you mentioned in your bio? wondering if it's the one i know haha


Thanks for accepting my friend request!