22 / Male
Hey im Seb
gintama, game grumps, parkway drive, heaven shall burn.. enough information for you ppl.. ask me if you want know more lazys.
If i wont talk its cuz im to busy in my head thinkin what i could do next..
well whatever add me if you want or not.. i can be pretty nice i guess
hate you all equally my weird friends✌{^<>^} ✌

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im so bored jeez help

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SadisticCharm asked

Welp you have been added. Welcome to the world of Crybaby, where absolutely nothing in your life changes but maybe add an odd, highly toxic, friendship 😄 . sounds good, yeah?
hehe well i take what i can get cxx so im pleasured Miss Crybaby :)

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Lawl, why are we so cheesy towards each other so suddenly xD ^3^


Ikr, kinda missed you tbh :3


LOL, hii, welcome to SK dummy :*