23 / Female / Straight / Single
Louisville – US
If you are going to break my heart, or if you plan on hurting me before you add me then please....don't add me. But, If you need someone to talk to, or you hate cheaters, liars, thieves, or fakes then add me. I am a caring person, and I will listen. If you want advice then I'll give the best advice I can, or I'll refer you to someone who can give you advice. And if you want someone to listen.... well, I can do that too. I am a romantic. My favorite color is blue and I believe that everything happens for a reason. I am confident, but like every other teenage girl on earth, sometimes I dought myself. And I promise that as long as you want me around, or as long as its best for you.. I'll be here. My favorite foods are chicken alfredo, oatmeal, and cheese pizza. My favorite flowers are tulips (because they mean undieing love). I like rock, punk screamo,country, classical or opera music. My favorie bands are daughtry, black veil brides, skid row, paramore and 3 days grace. Sometimes I may talk too much, and sometimes I stare off into space daydreaming. I still love sappy, romantic fairytale endings and I wouldn't recommend tickling me in the sides unless you like me.... for reasons you can ask about if you can't figure it out.... my friends say I'm way too wise for my age, and also too naive too. I believe in freedom to the point of anarchy. I am a sweet caring person, who loves with all my heart. And once I love you, I will always have a place for you in my heart. If you read all this and are intrigued.... If you want to know more. Add me and I'll answer any questions best I can

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Crying on the inside hurts more... but at least i dont have see everyone's looks of pity

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