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married ahhai
Akihabara – JP
#livingthe a e s t h e t i c life

konichiwa watashi wa kawaii desu, sugoi desu. ahahaha shinitai yo.(i want to die in jap if you didnt know you f***in degenerates) *rawr* XD on some good s*** rn lawl. 50% depressed/50% cancer desu. follow both my tumblrs, ones a depression account and the other's a s***post account where i put VERY FUNNY MEMES ( im a big meme fyi )and some furry, anime, and brony s***. a little bit of s*** for everyone

arigatou( thanks in jap if you didnt know you stupid lil f***s ) for readin kore wa about watashi wa desu desu sugoi desu. bye imma binge on bleach rn, both of them. ( the anime and the drink if you didnt know ichi or the other desu or futari ) also if you want some of dank vape hmu on

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god.father asked

i love you you furry f***
i love you to furry life f***ing rad 420 eryday lawwwwwwwwwwwwwwl rawr