22 / Female / Straight / Single
Vlaardingen – NL
Hiii derr! ^o^
-waves like professional weirdo.-
i'm a proffesional hugger too :3
free hugs deliveryy!
so urhm, i'm not good at dish stuff, uhh i have face, and hair, and i'm a invisible unicorn, and i'm just a hugger :3
i'm pretty awkward, and weird, and random.. pandabears >o<
i love to draw, i love animeee, huggle, and uhh, huggle cx
i listen too :3
~ sleeping with sirens
~ all time low
~ paramore
~ rise against
~ avenged sevenfold
~ my chemical romance
~ metallica
gosh, i could go on, and on, and oooonn.. x3
~ guns n roses
~ pierce the veil
~ six feet under
~ mayday parade

pwease talk to me, or i'll come to your house, and steal your cookies ^w^

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i'm so raaandom, pandabears, peanut, squirrel

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haha hi :D


Leuk dat je ook scenekids heb ^.^