18 / Non-binary / Asexual
Saint Peters – US adrii0001
kik: pencilcase000
snapchat: pencilcase000
polyvore: pencilcase000

😋😘☺️☺️ hi! I'm Arin. I love BVB, never shout never!, sleeping with sirens, BMTH, falling in reverse, all time low.... Yeaa 🤗☺️ hmu if you wanna! I love making new friends. 👌👌✌️✌
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I'm an artist/animator, almost 17, love fashion and music, have social anxiety, and I'm highkey scene af tbh
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But yeah! I'm chill, lol, so add me if u wanna I guess??
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Trying to come up with a "scene name" for a Facebook account I'm making lmao