20 / Female
Belfast – UK
Hello c:
I'm Shannon.
I'm 16 years old.
I live in Northern Ireland.
I love Nutella and chocolate.
Cats are my favourite things, along with dogs.
I do not know what my sexuality is, as stupid as it sounds.
Whoever I fall for, well, that's what I want.
To everyone; I am here for anyone that needs a chat or just a pair of ears to tell, to clear their head. I will always try my best to help you out and make you smile. Or even if you want to remain anonymous, ask me on my;
So add me, speak to me & be my friend. Don't let how I look affect our chances of speaking, I am aware that I am not the prettiest of souls.
Add me on facebook for more of a conversation;

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Also, follow me on instagram... i follow back.

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Have a wonderful new year! ♥