17 / Male / Bisexual / In a Relationship
Texas – US
Hey, my name's Toby but everyone calls me Cole.

10 Facts about me
1. My favorite color is green
2. I work at Taco Bell
3. I'm short
4. Marvel over DC but I love Flash
5. I like film and graphic design
6. I love Canada and I want to move there when I graduate high school
7. My dream college is University of British Columbia
8. I play guitar and drums
9. I'm in marching band
10. I like seagulls

Bands I like
Chase Atlantic, YUNGBLUD, Pierce the Veil, Primus, Slipknot, $UICIDE BOY$, Disturbed, Lil Nas X

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If you live in Canada can you please adopt me before I turn 18 :(