20 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
nottinghamshire – UK
Well hey there, im savvy.. obviously. First of all im going to say that im not a fake so with girls messaging me saying *your fake* no im not as I know exactly where, when what time I was born, when I got my facial piercings, and all the pictures I upload are not of me, unlike those who use fake images. Anyway, I am a lovely girl, I love having my hair massive, back combed, I love my
Piercings, im getting loads more tho. I draw tattoo designs, play the keyboard, write music. Im looking for someone to love me for me, is that too much to ask for. Id love it if you guys and gals ask me plenty of questions. Thank you and message me if you come across as my stalker, id rather you except me friend request when I swnd them as its f***ing rare I send them:D so feel special♥♡

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being in bed bored actually p***es me off👎

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: )